wisdom from a yogi:

“Every breath is a moment to let go.  Noticing your breath is the best way to stay present.  It is in the moment.  Now.” 

Heard at Yoga to the People (Brooklyn).

Stay present.


Connect to yourself.

You are slipping one direction or another, and it is okay. The thing is, you don’t have to lose control.  Be still.  Breathe. Know yourself. Breathe. Take this moment  to let go of your guilt for feeling this way. Take this moment to do that, too. Every moment. Breathe. Notice the things around you that bring you joy; let the things that worry you make you smile.  Tell someone you are happy for them.  Ask someone whether or not they think your “big idea” is a good one.  Take a moment.  Don’t react, don’t act.  Breathe.

Let go.


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