suck it.

“Have you ever noticed how violent our language is? Even when we aren’t even talking about anything inherently violent itself?

We tell people to “go f*ck themselves” when we’re angry. We’ll “tear you a new one” when we’re insulting. We “force ourselves” to do a myriad of tasks, “hit on someone” when we flirt, and tell (mostly) women to “suck it” when their power is threatening to us.

That’s a lot of violence right there.”

From this article about the language of rape culture.

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2 thoughts on “suck it.

  1. Clyde Lied says:

    I think about this a lot, (but not for very long). Many suggestives to violence. Many socially-accepted curse-words & phrases.

    Note: this should be my gravatar: It is rated “G” so it should be showing up here; don’t know why it’s not.

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