ones and twos.

Has anyone ever gone from Bipolar I to Bipolar II? Or vice versa? How do/would you feel about it?

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3 thoughts on “ones and twos.

  1. blahpolar says:

    I was diagnosed bipolar ii, then when I’d looked at the past and sent my psychiatrist more info, plus at the time I seemed to be going through a mixed episode; she then said it’s bipolar i. How do I feel … well, glad to have a more accurate diagnosis and sad that the prognisis is worse (the next stuff that got added to the diagnosis was rapid and constant cycling). But I think the main thing is that an accurate diagnosis is important – the differences between 1 and 2 mean that treatment approaches are a bit different too (obviously).

  2. chansondelenfer says:

    I was devastated. That sounds so ridiculous and shallow. In my public life, I’m an advocate, and I am very honest about stigma and how somehow it bore into me. Somehow, being Bipolar II was, in my subconscious, like slightly or having a touch of Bipolar, though, to my logical self, I verbalized otherwise. To think I was out of touch with reality at any time was frightening. It wasn’t until I realized that even hypomanic I was slightly floating off the ground. It took me time and still is hard to say the words “Bipolar I” even with all my talk about stigma.

    Off topic; really glad I found your blog.

    • bipolar one, real life two. says:

      It’s amazing how we don’t give ourselves the same treatment we fight for for others. Thank you for your words and your comment – I’m glad you’re here! (And isn’t it strange how we act like there’s a huge distinction between “one” and “two” as if there’s some rating scale of mental illness? Thanks for advocating – the world needs people like YOU).

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