The Abortion Pill and the Attack on Women

“The medical abortion–a non-surgical procedure that induces a miscarriage through a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs–is both widely legal and increasingly hard to obtain. To understand the limits of what could be a breakthrough in making abortions easier to access, Broadly hears from both sides of the debate. We travel to the front lines of the battle in Texas, where religious protesters camp outside rapidly closing clinics, as well as to an abortion spa in Washington, DC, where employees are working to de-stigmatize the stupidly controversial procedure. Internationally, we talk to Dr. Rebecca Gomperts from the charity Women On Waves, the physician who recently began using drones to deliver the abortion pill to countries where the procedure is illegal, and we visit a pharmacy in Mexico to see how easy it is to access the abortion pill just across the border. What we really want to know is: Why is it so hard to get a medical abortion when so much research has shown that it’s a safe, effective way to terminate a pregnancy?”

Take half an hour and watch this video, “The Abortion Pill,” at Vice channel Broadly. It’s great – in the first few minutes I learned new things about a subject about which I thought I was pretty well educated.

“The only thing I will tell you is I am a gynecologist, and I often have patients who tell me, “I am against abortion…but I need one.” So in case you are against abortion, but you need one, know that there are safe medications that you can use to have a safe procedure. I wish you all the best.”

Check it out, it’s worth it.

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